Monday, April 6, 2009

Simple Tips for Younger Looking Skin, by Debra Tamblyn, of A Beautiful You Chicago

Debra Tamblyn
A Beautiful You of Chicago
Specializing in Painless Electrolysis, Botox, Laser Hair Removal, Skin Care, Restylane, Permanent Make-up, waxing, and more.
1.) Massage face with a gentle cleanser in the skin which removes oil residue and make up. Use Physcians Choice of Arizona facial wash.
2.) Go soap less if your skin is dry by using a gentle hydrating wash. Use Physician Choice of Arizona creamy cleanser. You can also use it on the body in the shower. After the shower while skin is still moist apply Ultra Balm for silky smooth skin.
3.) The skin around the eyes is loose and can hold excess fluid which can cause puffiness. Sleep on an extra pillow avoid saltly foods and use Physicians Choice of Arizona eyeXcellence to reduce dark circles apply Bropelle's Auriderm illume eye crème.
4.) To increase circulation to skin which has been affected by stress and triggers acne and eczema flare ups.Exercise willl produce a healthy glow to your face.
5.) Don't hide discolored skin when you can put Physicians Choice Pigment Gel on brown spots or sun spots.This product with 4% hydroquinone can fade and change it.
6.) To reduce fine lines and wrinkles the best therapy is to apply Physicians Choice Retinol Renewal Serum.It has all the benefits of Retin-A without the irritation and redness.
7.) To protect skin from the harmful effects of the sun and free radicals which can alter the PH and destroy healthy tissue use Physicians Choice of Arizona Protecting Hydrator with SPF 25.
8.) To improve the appearance of your facial foundation as well as to reduce a shinny appearance after some hours, apply Biopelle's OC8, a demattifying cream. It is applied in the morning so that it reduce that oily appearance for as long as eight hours.
9.) Get plenty of rest, at least 6 to 8 hours at night. Sprinkle lavender essential oil on a tissue and put it on your pillow case for relaxed period of sleep.
10.) Look good,feel better by getting permanent make-up. Wake-up with your make on. This is a time saving beauty treatment.
Have a Beautiful Day!
Debra Tamblyn